Welcome to the Minnesota Curling Association, an organization of over 5,000 Minnesota athletes who represent and promote the competitive yet always cordial, great game of curling.
The Minnesota Curling Association exists…
…to promote the sport of curling and unite curling clubs within the state of Minnesota;
…to conduct state curling competitions;
…to coordinate educational programs and activities for Minnesota curlers;
…to provide a channel of communication of state bonspiels, curling rules, winning techniques, equipment updates;
…and to encourage all curlers to enjoy the marvelous, unique facets of curling: honest sportsmanship, athletic competition, and social club recreation.

Two-minute Introduction to Curling (video)

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annual members meetingIt’s that time of year again: time to gather to talk about 2023-24 MCA activities, how things are going in our clubs, and plans for the future. This year’s annual MCA membership meeting will be an online conversation via Zoom.
Sunday, June 2, 6:00pm (Central Time)
Zoom Link to Meeting
Meeting Agenda and Supporting Documents
Proposed Updated Bylaws for Discussion
Each club is asked to reply to the recently sent email invitation with the name of their club representative. If your club officers did not receive the meeting email, please contact Lisa Rudolph. If your club contact person has changed, please send the correct info using this Google form. Thanks.

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The 2023-24 MCA State Championships are now complete.
Thanks to all competitors, host club volunteers, and umpires who made these events possible!

Congratulations to…
Women’s and Men’s Arena Club State Champions, April 4 – 6, 2024
• Tyler Despins, Bryant Schmidt, Michael Blazing, Stephen Russell of the Curling Club of Rochester
• Laura Gardner, Kaisey Ackerman, Susan Horsman. Sophia Walsh, Kelsey Schuder of the Curling Club of Rochester

Mixed State Champions, February 16 – 18, 2024
• Andy Jukich, Tiffany Simons, Ryan Mellinger, Beth Baucom from St. Paul / Duluth / Two Harbors

Men’s and Women’s State Club Champions, January 25 – 28, 2024
• Kelsey Ostrowski, Kirstin Nickel, Lisa Rudolph, Becca Nash, St. Paul Curling Club
• Max Smith, Luis Yin, Mike Richard, Nick Drews, Chaska Curling Center

U-18 Boys’ and Girls’ State Championships, December 14 – 17, 2023
• MN-1: Allory Johnson, Gianna Johnson, Morgan Zacher, Bailey Vaydich – Christopher Jones (coach) – Bronze Medal at U18 Nationals
• MN-2: Gracia Berg, Brooklyn Saiger, Solveig Berg, Raelynn Trask, Nia Berg – Jeremy Berg (coach)
• MN-1: Mason Guentzel, Stuart Strack, Will Podhradsky, Leighton Hines – Stephen Dropkin (coach) – Silver Medal at U18 Nationals
• MN-2: Bryce Breen, Evan Carlson, Luca Johnson, Sawyer Owens – James Breen (coach)

See the State Championship page for team photos and event histories.

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Congratulations to Minnesota curlers who were medal winners in this year’s National competitions:
• Mike Farbelow, Rich Ruohonen, Bill Stopera, Tim Solin, Darren Lehto – National Seniors Champions, Silver Medal at Worlds
• Paul Pustovar, Ross Litman, Dan, Wiza, Mike Kniffin – 3rd Place Seniors Nationals
• Margi Smith, Norma O’Leary, Debbie Dexter, Shelly Kosal – Bronze Medal Senior Nationals
• Cory Thiesse / Korey Dropkin — 2nd Place in Mixed Doubles
• Aileen Geving / John Shuster — 3rd Place in Mixed Doubles
• Allie Giroux, Tessa Thurlow, Ella Fleming, Brooke Giroux – Junior National Champions
• Allory Johnson, Gianna Johnson, Morgan Zacher, Bailey Vaydich – 2nd Place Junior Nationals
• Ava Schapman, Jessica Margan, Clare Schapman, Frances Schapman – 3rd Place Junior Nationals

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The United States Curling Association, in compliance with U.S. federal law, now participates in the SafeSport Program to raise awareness, institute prevention, and enact response measures regarding the intolerance of abuse or harassment of any kind.  All Minnesota curling clubs are required to establish a protocol for SafeSport Training for their club membership and staff.
USA Curling SafeSport

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The World Curling Federation has implemented the five-rock free-guard zone (FGZ) rule this season, replacing the four-rock rule. Many Minnesota clubs will be enacting the rule to prepare curlers for state, national, and world competitions.

The expanded rule means that the first five rocks thrown each end (normally the two rocks thrown by each lead and the first rock thrown by the second on the team without the hammer) are “protected” and cannot be removed from the FGZ between the hog line and the house until the sixth rock is thrown each end. If a rock is removed before that time, it is put back. It is permissible to move an opponent’s rock as long as it remains in play.

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